The owner of the Quill and Inkwell is the enigmatic Eve, a lithe and attractive half-elven woman that appears to be in her mid twenties. Her dark hair extends slightly past her lower back and she prefers flowing silk garments that don’t restrict her. Intricate tattoos extend down both arms and across her back and those that interact with her often say that the tattoos themselves shift and change over time.

While the practice of magical tattoos has mostly descended through Varisians, Eve has no qualms about who requests her services as long as her payment is received beforehand. She does not appear to be of Varisian stock herself, nor do any of the traveling groups or Varisian elders know where she learned her practice.

Her prices range depending on who is asking and what is is that they want. Some pay a few silver, while others are bound to service for a few years instead of payment.


Eve owns the tattoo parlor that has become popular over the last two years in Bridgefront’s occult underground for the discreet services it provides to cultists and rogues alike. The proprietor, the lithe and attractive Eve, is well-versed in inscribing magical tattoos that offer talismanic protections and warding seals to magical practitioners of all sorts.
She also owns a set of needles of fleshgraving that make her popular among thieves and assassins, who use her talents to create easily concealed items and weapons to smuggle into well-guarded locations.
Frequent visitations by imps do nothing to dispel rumors that she is in league with devil-summoning aspirants at the Acadamae, and many wonder why she remains in Bridgefront given the prices her services command.


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