Glimpse the Unthinkable

Field Study Notes Entry 2

From the Pocket Notebook of Mr. Dyer

Entry 2:

Met up with subject "Nadeem" from before. Still showing signs of abberent influence, black blood, enhanced strength, etc. It is traveling with a hunchbacked woman who seems more spry than her form would presume. Her skin is black just like Nadeem, possible genetic link? 

Magistrate Drune informed us about the killings in the poor district of the city. Murders seem to be correlated to victims use of a drug called Shiver. I looked over the file that the Magistrate had on case. Need to do some investigating where the murders took place.

Gathering information in this district is harder than it appears. Our group is having a hard time relating to these poor citizens. We did get a lead from a potion vendor at the Night Market. She said to check out Dreamscape Alley, or something, down Scuttling Way. We will check that out later. The black faced woman, Mary, says we should try to acquire some of the drug ourselves. 

Drug inventory:

1 Shiver

Note to self: Don't become a drug dealer. Everyone is gross looking. Hardly anyone has a full set of teeth.

Nothing here in Dreamscape Alley, just a bunch of nearly conscious abusers. Tried to bribe one with food, didn't take. It seems all these people care about is where they are going to get their next hit. 

Subject Nadeem seems susceptible to the coffee. Subject began vomiting uncontrollably minutes after ingesting the coffee.  This coffee is said to have restorative properties, will continue research later. 

Next page has a lipstick kiss as the only entry on the page

Found a robe and a sickle with the insignia of a spider hidden under the bed where the magistrate was killed, possible connection.

What follows is very hastily scribbled notes in illegible handwriting, the only thing visible is something about "Spider Face"

Purchased a home from a local for 5 gp. This will serve as our base in the area. Next door is a manor that seems out of place for this poor district. The group decided it will be worth checking out. We are going to wait until the owner, the Lamplighter, is out on the job to take a look around. 

I am unable to bring to words what I saw in that house. If I even begin to write this down I will surely be hunted from every angle imaginable. One cannot fathom the fear and dispare I stumbled upon in that dusty mansion. Beware the Lamplighter. 

We tailed a dealer to his hideout, it is across from our newly acquired real estate. We plan on breaking in. Notes to follow.

The makers, what have I gotten myself into, we killed a man today. Shot him off the balcony, drug his body off the street and stripped him of everything he had. We found the dealers' stash, this will help fund the rest of our investigation. Now it will be much more difficult to find anything because the Cult knows who we are, they may even know where we live….

Drug Inventory:

6 Vials of Shiver

Subject 2: Mary is not what she seems. She is no old crone or hunchback. 

  • Feathered Face
  • Incredible Dexterity
  • Advanced Weapon Proficiency 

    • Particularly with Bows
  • Has a wolf companion, who she seems to forget about often. 



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