William Dyer

An unusual student from the Academy.


This curious gentleman is usually dressed in University robes adorned with the vigil of the Divination School of Korvosa. His greasy short hair is perpetually disheveled, usually hiding the top of his spectacles. He usually looks somewhat tired. As if he hasn’t had a good nights sleep in a while. On his person there are several books chained to his waist belt. One is decorated with an otherworldly leather and adorned with an almost organic looking eyeball. William can usually be spotted behind his trusty pocket notebook taking indiscernible notes.


Every day the same dream. Mother and father being pulled from their beds by faceless devils. A younger me looking through the crack of a door seeing my parents being pulled away into the moonlit sky. Powerless to stop them. Helpless and alone.

I turn to run only to be greeted by the man-sized, bloodshot eye of some beast, tentacles wrapping around me, constricting me as I slip into unconsciousness.

Panting, I look around my room. Looking for something to ground me to reality. All I see are the notes from my studies, nothing to ground me to reality. I scramble, looking around my dorm. At last able to find the portrait of my family to calm my nerves. We all look so peaceful, me, my mother and father, smiling.

Yet another sleepless night.

I’ve taken to walks at night as an alternative to sleep. The mind tends to be stretched when studying the arcane as well as non-Euclidean calculus and quantum physics. My professors urge me to extend my studies as the normal students do, but I am no normal student. By far superior in my studies, I basically teach the classes myself. Nobody knows how the space between the stars works quite like me. I’m so close to a breakthrough with my studies I can feel it.

Always toward the North West. I seem to find myself walking, absent minded, in the same direction. I usually end up at the docks looking toward the see, staring up at the Solaris Plexius, better known as the Pale Blue Star. After a few hours I end up back at the Academy to wait out the rest of the night.

As I waited, sitting up in my bed. I found himself staring at the Northwest corner of my room where the Western wall turned to meet the Northern wall. The ceiling also seemed to come into play as it slanted in a way that I hadn’t noticed before. I sat there staring for a long while.

If I am not going achieve any restful sleep, then I might as well study for my upcoming exit exams. I stretched my mind, allowing it to delve deep into the secrets of conjuration and divination magic. It allowed me to see things from the Great Beyond. When a reprise from my studies demanded it, I found himself staring at the Northwest corner again.

Entranced with the corner I took out my pocketbook. I scribbled notes in a language I’ve never seen before, but somehow understood. I scribbled and scribed until my hands started to bleed and my ink turned into my blood. I could see it! How to get to the great beyond! I could…Cthagun fLaguu fl’aaagrau!

I awoke in my childhood room. I was scared for some reason. I sneaked from my room as quietly as possible, making sure my bedroom door wouldn’t creak. I made my way down the long regal decorated hallway to my parents room. Looking through the crack in the door I could see my parents sleeping peacefully. Before I could open the door a faceless, lanky, ebon devil appeared in the window and grabbed my mother and father by the throat and pulled them from the bed. It made toward the window. This time I would do something, enough of this nightmare! I burst through the door. When the creature noticed me it stared at me, piercing me with its formless gaze. I stood there paralyzed with fear. I watched as it killed my parents, snapping their necks with one swift motion and it flew away leaving me alone. I ran to the windowsill but there was nothing left. The manor we lived in was no more. In the courtyard a creature stood, tentacles writing as it pulled me from the window.

CTHULU FHLTHAGUN! It bellowed, drawing me into its maw. CTHULU FHLTHAGUN!!!!! CTHULU FHLTHAGUN!!!!!!!!!!!

I awoke yelling CTHULU FHLTHAGUN! over and over again. My colleges rushed into my room to free me from my manic state. A week later I regained consciousness. Everything in my room was disheveled. Papers were thrown about, books lie open and destroyed. However, on my desk was a new book. My colleagues say they found me clutching this book during my manic state. It was leather bound, with one very nightmarish bloodshot eye that looked particularly organic set into the front cover.

After weeks of recovery I felt good enough to continue my studies. The book remained on my desk, unopened. It wasn’t until a month later, that I decided to open it. I could see that this book contained secrets that I could never imagine. Overwhelmed, I closed it, tucked it under my arm, and decided to clear my mind with a nightly walk….

William Dyer

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