Ivon is blond haired and blue-eyed and carries his emotions at the point of his bastard sword. His plate armor gleams in the light and he makes sure to keep everything polished and clean, even in the the forest wreathed in blood. At least he did. The last few hours of travel has seen the filth of the forest cover his armor. He is not in the best of shape mentally.


Ivon was raised on the streets of Cassomir and faced many trials that tested who he was and what was right. He didn’t always choose correctly. In his teenage years, he met the love of his life in the form of a devout paladin of Sarenrae. Ivon was quick to cling to the tenets, but even quicker to cling to Geneva. WIthin two years, he had won her hadn in marriage and become a paladin himself. He traveled the world with Geneva, making allies and enemies alike. When the duo came across the plight of a changling druid, they figured it was their duty to rid the world of such an evil.


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