Sebastian Lockheart

Former Owner and Proprietor of Seb's Tavern


With his vision restored and the forest cleared of the aberrant threat, Sebastian packed up his things and made his way to the guardian of the fabled shrine of reincarnation. Knowing full well what to expect, he dosed himself with a bit of drow knockout poison and let Lana devour him. When he awoke, his gambit paid off and he found himself luckily still a human. Grabbing his things, he repayed the remara’s help with a night of storytelling and the next day set off to live his life anew.


Sebastian Lockheart spent the majority of his younger years traveling the world and spelunking among the ruins of ancient civilizations when he wasn’t spelunking among the world’s women. A lover more than a fighter, he found himself in many situations running and outsmarting his opponents rather than brawn and respected as much from his friends and enemies alike. And if he was able to, he would rather gain an ally than lose an enemy.

A hopeless romantic, one of Sebastian’s final adventures before losing his vision was also his greatest regret. Having spent many years among the the fey of the Darkmoon Valley learning their traditions, songs, and making friends with many of their kind, he was recruited by a seemingly kindred soul. A ranger that spoke of his similar adventures among the world. The ranger told Sebastian about his hope to settle down with his acquired fortune before middle age, but his need to find the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and to claim her heart before he could do so. The woman mentioned was Princess Faeryn, daughter of the immortal nymph queen, Syntira. What the ranger did not tell Sebastian was that he was literally after her heart. Sebastian, having known the nymph for a few years now and even having spent a few nights among her grove, knew exactly where to go. The nymph’s look of shock was only a split second warning to Sebastian as he heard the twang of a bow from behind him and a black, metal bolt pierced between her breasts. The trail of blood only just beginning to trickle down as she fell back was the last image Sebastian ever saw as her otherworldly beauty ripped away his eyesight in a flash of brilliant light. That was twenty five years ago…

Sebastian Lockheart

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