Nyrissa is what many spend their entire lives looking for when they describe the most beautiful woman in the world. Her flawless skin looks to be touched by the sun each afternoon as it passes over her spring. Her eyes sparkle as she tells her stories to any that come to visit, a glint of amethyst in each passing look. Like an elf, her hairs are elongated, but extend a bit farther before tapering off. Her hair is a vibrant green, rare even among others of her kind and showing she is obviously not of this world. Multiple strands of beads, flowers, and other small knickknacks have been woven into her hair that she has been given by travelers, fellow fey, and lovers over the years.


Nyrissa was born in the first world and lived a lifetime before making her way into Golarion on an accidental tumble into a rift while attempting to mount an erlking’s steed to win his favor and his attention. The portal was a one-way ride into Golarion and the forests of Rivenrake Island. She has yet to grow tired of the beauty of it all and the stories that come her way. But now that beauty has been threatened, her own life and sense of self almost taken from her. And with the stone taken that defended her mountain lake from the aberrant threat, she is now more than ever in need of help.

After almost losing her life a second time and then regaining the stone that keeps the aberrations at bay, Nyrissa has developed a guarded edge to her personality, but even so it is quick to fade in the presence of those she trusts. She has opened her home to any that seek refuge from the horrors below.


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