Mellifera Apis

Priestess of Calistria


Golden curls drift just past the sun-kissed skin of this elven woman’s lower back, swaying as she moves among the high society of Korvosan nobles. A whip hangs on a belt on the left side of her waist, while dozens of scrolls, vials, and a dagger fills out the back of the belt. On the right side hangs a wickedly curved elven blade with more than a few nicks in it showing its use. She attracts the attention of more than a few men with each suggestive sway of her hips and when she finally sets her eyes on the target, a Korvosan man of middle age and dark hair, her eyes suggest more than merely a few words. He trips from something unseen, his eyes locked on her, and falls to the ground, twisting his knee, his purse getting lost in the confusion. When she moves to help him up, even her healing touch calls to more primal urges in the man as she works her hands up his leg. A few minutes later, her belt and weapons are gone, taken away by some nondescript boy, as she allows herself to be pulled into the man’s carriage.


Mellifera was born directly into the faithful of Calistria in Iadara, capital of the elven nation of Kyonin. The daughter of the high priest of Calistria and an unknown father, Mel was raised within the temple of Calistria itself. She grew up intimately learning the three aspects of her goddess: Trickery, Lust, and Revenge and exemplified them when she finally came of age several decades later. She rose quickly in the church, fostered by her devotion to the goddess and with significant growth in her abilities. Being such a virtuous example of Calistria, she was sent out into the world as a missionary. Her travels sent her far and wide across Golarion and she saw all manner of people; the good and the bad. She found that a majority of her services were requested by adventurers and grew to love the adventures themselves. She became so obsessed that she occasionally even took a great story as payment for her services. She saw the posters about a fallen meteor and decided she would have her own adventure instead of only hearing about them. When she was grouped with her two companions, she instantly became smitten with Charles and feels an almost impulsive need to be a mother figure to him.

At least that’s what she would have you believe. Anyone who asks about her back in Kyonin is apt to only be grasping at straws. Giving her description only gives scathing looks from the upper echelon of elven society and those who have asked such a question within the temple of Calistria itself don’t always see the next sun rise.

Mellifera Apis

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