Kira Lightwind

A mourning daughter


Not loosening her grip on the drawn bowstring, she turns to you, a few strands of dark auburn hair falling past her slightly pointed ear to rest in front of her eyes as she does so. Her emerald eyes take note of what you are before she releases her grip, the arrow thudding against a nearby wooden target board. Her cabin seems dreary even in the midday sun and a large wolf watches cautiously from the porch of the cabin at your approach. Two shallow graves, only recently filled, lay amidst the flowerbeds to the side of the cabin. Tear stains can clearly be seen, the loss of her parents still too soon and too quick.


Kira was a child born into a happy family. Her human mother hailed from Taldor and her elven father from a small village in Kyonin. The two loved each other greatly and against the advice of family, left everything behind to travel the world together. After a dozen years among the pathfinder society and several campaigns into the wilds of the Mwangi Jungles, the two decided it was time to have a child. And so they bought a house in Magnimar. Deciding the city life was not for them, but not wanting to completely give up on their contacts gained over the years, they built a cabin to greet up and coming adventurers and to raise their daughter amongst such people. One would think that it would take more than a bunch of wolves to take down the two retired adventurers, especially two of their caliber…

Kira Lightwind

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