Jhav Bel

An Indomitable Force


Small scars, almost like cracks, run all over this man’s body, His coal black hair is forced into a tight braid that is kept just short of being long. Small tusks protrude from his lower lip, ending in dark, rocky points. His granite-shaded eyes survey the crowd from the wooden bench he sits cross-legend on and he tries to focus on finding his inner peace among so much noise. A muted alarm goes off in his head, a signal that the murderer has taken the bait. Charles is already gone, having quickly grown impatient and needing to help, but that was already part of the plan. As Jhav looks up, the young boy has his hands full, returning with double his own gear. With a chuckle to himself, Jhav watches the boy pretend to be human and live by their rules as he attempts to juggle everything, dumping everything once he gets to the bench and then packing it all into a bag that is nowhere large enough to hold it all.
“A race among the shingles then to pass the time?”


Jhav Bel has sacrificed much in his pursuit of bodily and spiritual perfection. His paternal ancestors hailed from a long line of berserkers and warriors in the orcish lands of Belkzan. His mother was a human monk devoted to Irori that hailed from the jungles of the Mwangi Expanse. She single-handedly defeated each warrior in his father’s village in hand-to-hand combat except for one, his father. His father was too exhausted when he finally won to do anything afterward and simply requested that his fallen opponent be given a bed and rest. The two warriors had a son shortly after and named him Jhav. A warring village nearby wiped out his village seven years later, killing everyone, even the women and children. That was Jhav’s first death. The scar is a across the skin above his right lung. His second death was ten years later, a manticore’s spiked tail lodging into the left side of his skull. The outline of his fractured skull can just barely be seen as a raised scar on the side. The third death came slower than the rest, a vampire woman that he was hired to eliminate three years after the manticore. He let his guard down and fell to her domination. She ravished and ravaged him, slowly draining him of all blood over the next month. He has a few scars to remind him of that death. Before he could rip off the vampire’s head and submerge the body in holy water, another group of adventurers ended her. He traveled with them for awhile and spent several months with the group telling stories of his past adventures before parting to continue his journey of exploration and self-discovery. He came across the same group four years later, joining them to take down a murderer that had killed dozens in the city of Amdapor. They found the killer and had him cornered before what they thought was a man turned into a vulture demon, cutting his group down in mere moments. That death was from the creature’s spear to his gut. Jhav has yet to kill the vrock and is planning to repay the creature when he becomes strong enough, but in order to do so he must learn the creature’s name by ending its summoner’s miserable life. Finding the search for a meteor to be a great way to grow in strength, he met with Dr. Isaac and teamed up with an elf and a child that he has grown rather fond of over the seven months.

Jhav Bel

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