Fiona is a raging fire in spirit and in appearance. Her hair is long and thick with multiple hues of copper, orange, and red throughout, along with one strand of stark white layered in. Her skin is abnormally pale, almost glimmering in the moonlight and she prefers the dark over the daylight whenever possible due to her inherent dark vision and propensity to get awful sunburns . Her eyes are mismatched, one a sky blue and the other a sullen, almost ashy grey.


Fiona never had much in the way of formal training as a druid and her casting is more reliant on emotion and quick thought over the course of her hectic life than any dedicated practice. Unlike most druids, who revere the natural world and preserving the past, Fiona is more interested in moving forward and embracing the future. She is quick to flash between emotions and rather impulsive, but her heart is usually in the right place. She knows that a fresh start is sometimes the best course of action and as such, has focused her druidism on the awe-inspiring majesty of wildfires and their role in renewal of the land.

With Victoria gone, Fiona has laid claim to her late mother’s abode and begun reseeding the fertile soil with new life. The smell of new growth is already pungent in the air and the wards left behind keep the area clear of any sort of aberrant invasion, witchfire smiting them as soon as they cross over. Within the base of the charred hangman tree, Fiona has planted the seed of a mighty oak and daily applies magic to expedite it’s growth and control its shape.

Fiona is not one to remain in an area long, especially when her presence is no longer needed and she is more than likely soon to be on the move once again.


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