Elias Braaken

A Gnarly Druid


Strands of brown still layer among the sea of gray that makes up this grizzly old man’s beard and his stony gaze has not lost any intensity with age. His gnarled staff is more a resting post than a tool to walk and he props it against the open temple doors as he makes his way to greet you.


Elias has always lived on Rivenrake Island for as long as any current residents can remember. His temple stood alone on the island before Skywatch was built around it and by all account for quite some time. Elias himself has only grown wiser over the years, showing little weakness due to his age. Since the comet fell, he has apparently been avoiding the forest at all costs, venturing in only once to retrieve the bodies of Kira’s parents. Upon returning, he was ashen-white, but spoke only to say that wolves attacked and killed Kira’s parents.

Elias Braaken

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