Charles, King of the Winds

Self-Titled King of the Winds


Charles has aged more so in the last few months than should be theoretically possible. He now looks to be almost 16-17 and has an apt for mischief and music. His hair has grown out a bit and always looks windblown despite the weather or time of day. Static continually builds around him as he moves and those around him are better off not touching anything metal. His moves are graceful and practiced, more so than most nobles, and he is adept at fine manipulation of objects and people, getting into areas he should not be able to.


When Charles was born, he made no sound as he entered the world. His mother, a slave to a prominent Chelaxian nobleman in Westcrown, was quick to hide his birth at his father’s request to avoid a scandal with the nobleman’s wife. Charles and his mother were then sent away several years later when the child began to look more and more like his father, but not to safety as they had been told. Charles was left abandoned in a burning carriage, his mother dead, and his father behind the act. The winds danced and brought rain, snuffing out the flames, but still no sound came from the mourning child. At five years old, with only the clothes on his back, he began to walk. He walked until he could walk no longer, collapsing on the side of the road near Egorian, the capital of Cheliax. A traveling caravan saw the collapsed child and picked him up, feeding him and rousing him from the edge. With what little the group had, they could not keep him, but they could bring him to friends. Officially, the group were halfling slaves on an errand from their master. In reality, they were freedom fighters and part of the underground resistance throughout Cheliax. And sadly, it was known very well by the waiting Hell Knights what their true purpose was. Upon entering the city, all five halflings were caught and carried off to prison. Charles remained hidden as the carriage was hauled farther into the city and slipped away when it finally stopped moving, finding himself in a warehouse of similar confiscated vehicles. For two years, he lived among the streets of Egorian, scavenging off the rich and poor alike just to stay alive. At seven, he amped up his game and began stealing from the wealthy of the city, slipping into their estates and making off with thousands without a sound. He gained a reputation for his cleverness and silence as he slipped from authorities and even Hell Knights time and time again. In the beginning, he was caught several times, but whenever someone would attempt to shout or yell, they would find the wind rip away their voice until he had passed. He gained the title among the criminal underground as the “king of the wind” and carved a decent life for himself. At such a young age however, his bravery quickly outgrew his skill and he found himself caught in a magical trap in the palace itself. Amused that such a young child had managed to break into her palace, Queen Abrogail branded him a slave instead of killing him on the spot and had several of her own men sentenced to death for their failure. Seeing not a child, but a perfect and silent assassin, the damned queen bound the child’s fate into a devil’s contract. Several of her rival’s fell over the next year, fatal wounds appearing from out of thin air. Charles was not blindly obedient however, leaving clues at each scene. How he escaped the royal palace, a devil’s contract, and the Hellknights of Cheliax is a story that has yet to be told…

Charles, King of the Winds

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