Glimpse the Unthinkable

Field Study Notes

From the Pocket Notebook of Mr. Dyer

Entry 1:

An hour into my nightly walk I was roused from my mindless wandering by a crowd of people running toward me. A look of panic and fear was set upon their face. As I turned the corner, I saw something that could be akin to the creatures in my nightmares. My newly acquired tome seemed to have vibrated as the eye on the cover started to glow a pale blue light. 

Out of the alleyway a strange dark skinned beast of a man leaped toward the monstrosity. He seemed to be punching the nightmarish beast with his bare hands….It was…actually effective, but I knew it wouldn't fell the beast on its own. I needed to intervene. 

I flung open the grimoire and chanted the first text that I saw,  which caused this dark fellow to grow in size to match the beast, it also caused his arms to take the form of which he was fighting. His arms turned into some kind of tentacles as if from a beast below the depths of the ocean. 

We defeated the creature just before it destroyed all of the guards. 

Intrigued I inspected the beast:

  • Multiple appendeges
  • Ability to possess 
  • Can be destroyed by conventional means
  • Bleeds black blood

Then I inspected the dark man:

  • Black  ichor-like blood
  • Able to survive tranfigurations
  • Unnatural strength/constitution
  • Bad at social interactions
  • Named "Nadeem"

The authorities want me to look into this matter more in-depth in the morning. This seems like an excellent subject for my field study for my final semester at the Academy. 



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