Glimpse the Unthinkable

City of Korvosa

The city life is not for everyone and adventurers probably least of all, most knowing only the rules of the wild and untamed places in the world. And the laws in Korvosa are not the easiest to live with, leaving even those born and raised here ill at ease when authorities shows up. Korvosa is still recovering from the Blood Veil, a horrific plague that swept through the city three years, killing thousands, but has started to get back on its feet with the help of its newest Queen and her compatriots, who were instrumental in removing the old queen and in ending the plague itself. The city is rebuilding every day.

This process is starting from the inside out, however, and the poor and downtrodden of Bridgefront and other outlying sections of the city have yet to see their lives getting any better, only worse. Still grateful enough for the disease-ridding coffee handed down by the new queen, the people are nowhere near the beginning of revolts, but many have turned to drugs, alcohol, and other vices to make their lives just a bit more bearable.

Recently, although officially denied by the authorities, a new plague has started to spread through Bridgefront, although of a different nature; a plague of nightmares and restlessness. More and more suffer each day, their hag-ridden features evident of their nightmares and the lines of the coffee vendors growing longer.

This is where the adventurers found themselves after confronting the Beast in the dreamscape. In a crowded, dark alley of Bridgefront at the stroke of 3am. The Beast did it's best to follow them, forcing itself through dimensions via a dreamer that fell prey to his nightmares just moments before. The screams of those witness to the beast ripping into the world incited a panic in the streets and as citizens ran past, guards ran toward the terror.

Before the group could do much, Po was whisked away by what appeared to be his teacher, back to their home in the Laughing Forest to confront a new danger closer to his heart, an invasion of Rakshasa. 

Mary was quick to assess the source of the screams once Po left, flying to the top of a nearby building, while Nadeem ran out of the alleyway. The source was the creature that had haunted them in the dream trying to mindlessly rip its way from the corpse of a dead dreamer, dragging the body of the unfortunate soul behind it. Several guards attempted to hack away at it, but seems to be having trouble even landing a single blow. At the same time, a young wizard that had been following signs of a planar breach from another dimension arrived and began to help take down the monster. It took a bit, but eventually the creature faded back out of reality with the assistance of the three adventurers.  

Afterward, the guard captain, after interviewing her still surviving men, invited the group to meet with Magistrate Drune. Drune oversaw the current happenings in Bridgefront and had been asking for the help of adventurers that could potentially have an a better chance than his Korvosan guards. After agreeing to the job offer for 8000g, the group went their respective ways to sleep for the night, asking for guards to escort them back once morning hit. 

After waking, eating, and traveling back to Bridgefront, the group started looking into the reports and piecing together clues. They stopped at a few locations, but have yet to find any clues. Mary considered jumping into a pigpen to look for the missing pieces of the corpse from the night before, but her companions talked her out of it. After perusing the night market for a bit, the young wizard bought himself a dose of shiver and a rather odd, expensive potion that magically alters genders. The group got a few directions to local shiver dens and just stepped onto Scuttling Way. 



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